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Hitler's Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich

by Eric Kurlander

I'm struggling as I write this to figure out how to begin:

- A quiz on your definition of "Right" vs. "Left" vis a vis "empiricism" versus "intuition."
- You've heard of "Godwin's Law," right?
- A brief history of the cycling of interest in matters occult.
- I'm really, in spite of last month's review of Death Cult Leaders, not really theme reading.
- Radon, anybody?

Oh, and one more: I checked out Mr. Kurlander's Twitter feed, and though he's not much for the platform (2 since signing up in 2012), his second Tweet in October, 2016: "Early Voting in Florida and the first candidate listed in every box was the REPUBLICAN candidate ." I'll explain that last one as we move through this odd, interesting, and extraordinarily deep material.

Let me start with Godwin's Law. If you're not familiar with it, it was author and attorney Mike Godwin's speculation t…

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