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The New Library

I said, "I'd love to have a library. Down in my old office. With a spiral staircase. And lots and lots of bookshelves."

Several years later, I have it, and it's where I sit now, writing this article and enjoying the view of a couple of hundred carefully chosen books (the other few hundred are scattered throughout the house in various bookcases and boxes).

I was staring up at one shelf, and thought it might be fun to share it with you - what's on it, and why.

I can't say that any one shelf is more treasured than any other; each one is organized by general subject matter. This one happens to contain older books - classics - books that make me feel happier merely because they are there. Each book, when opened, has its own scent, paper, little treasures like a pressed flower or hand-made bookmark. Most importantly, each contains a wealth of words, that, linked together, create a world to visit and revisit - like a trip to the back of a wardrobe in an empty upstai…

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