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Shadows of the Western Door

by Mason Winfield
published in 1997

I came across this book in my mother's extensive library as we were packing her house up when she downsized.

It was a signed copy, so I presume she met the author.

I had been aware that Western New York was awash in mystical places and happenings - if you consider the region from roughly Seneca Lake across to Lake Erie, and encompassing the full height of the state, from Lake Ontario down to the Pennsylvania border, you will have The Fox Sisters, Lilydale, Roycroft, Murder Hill and the odd town of Friendship.

Digging deeper still, though, we learn that the city of Buffalo, much like Washington, DC, is laid out with a presumable purpose (DC supposedly recreates the Masonic compass and square), and some think the same might be said of Buffalo.

But the mysteries of the Western Door date back a good deal further than the founding of Buffalo - and include the Seneca Nation, the mysteries of the "White" Natives, and signs and indications of …

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