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The Cheese Trap

by Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC

Cheese. It's evil.

At least, that's the premise of this surprisingly readable book.

And the very fact that it's readable makes me have second thoughts about it's merit as nutritional insight. Generally speaking, I prefer my science to be weighty, heavily footnoted, carefully worded, and to not have a potential conflict of interest lurking in the background.

Which is not to say that there is any direct evidence that Dr. Barnard is hawking products directly, but his enthusiastic endorsements of alternatives to Devil Cheese do at least raise, for this reader, a small red flag.

But, back to the book itself: its premise is simple - we are not made to handle dairy products, whether the milk and milk products come from humans (beyond a certain age), cows, goats, or buffalo. Milk products create digestive issues for many people, and are far to high a dose of everything, from lactose to fat to calcium, for the human body to deal with.

Worst of all i…

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