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The Percy Jackson & the Olympians Books

by Rick Riordan
First published: 2005

Kid book alert!

And I have it right from an 11-year-old: these books are "better than Harry Potter." That said with a knowing nod. I was then treated to all-but-the-last book of the first series to borrow and read - which I am, and unabashedly admit that I am enjoying them immensely.

Once engaged in a verbal review, two young kids (11 and 8) proceeded to tell me all about the Olympians, the Gods of the Roman pantheon, then on to the Norse tales of Thor and Odin and Frigg - and explained to me how the Titans came to be, what a "hero" was, and which gifts each of the characters had.

Then they regaled me the many myths associated with the beginning of the world - from Greek to Hindu to Native American.

What was the best part? Their enthusiasm, interest, and dare I say it, sophistication in understanding the concept of "myth," and how myth gives us insight into us as human beings.

Fair warning, parents: like the Harry Po…

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