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Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama

by: David Garrow
published: May, 2017

"He was always happy."

"He always had a big smile."

"He always had a grin on his face."

I'm trying to figure out what writer Garrow feels is so important about his interview subjects recalling Barack Obama as a young man with a constant smile on his face.On the one hand, it establishes him as a happy, cheerful individual. On the other, it makes the smile seem a mask adopted for public display.I'm still not one hundred percent confident which it is, or if it's simply a fact of the transcription. 

Given Garrow's bona fides as a writer, though, it's hard to believe he would do something so obvious accidentally.

This would be a good time to go into Garrow's credentials, because it's critical to his ultimate take on the subject of Barack Obama.

Garrow is a respected historian and NY Time best-selling author who has taken a particular interest in civil rights era and figures. He won a Pulitzer Prize for …

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