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Our Point

Short Stories by Linus Ward Walton, Sr. When our family first moved to the area, we were introduced to Skaneateles Lake by neighbors who had a camp - truly, a "camp," as in, pumped water, no electricity, and you needed to get there via a boat from the Lourdes Camp point. It was peaceful, plenty of water-skiing, the water was deep and cold, and we had no idea how lucky we were to be able to enjoy such a wonder of nature. So as I read this collection of short stories, set along the banks, in the water, and among the people of the villages along its banks, I was reminded of those long summer days basking in the sun, driving the boat, learning to water ski, and counting the stars in the sky at night.  For some reason, the stories put me in mind of a moment there I'll always remember: our friend's father, who dearly loved the lake house, arrived one afternoon via the small outboard motor boat the family kept docked near Lourdes Camp, and while in my mind he was steering th

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