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What I'm Reading

How many books can you read at one time? Since I was a child, I have had a habit, be it good or bad, of reading several books at once. My excuse for this is that I want to read multiple genres, and while I can sit and read (or read while on the stepper) fiction for hours, some other genres take a little more dedication and brain power. And then there are the books that I've inherited, had recommended, or been asked to review. So, with those excuses, I'll share with you what I'm reading right now.  First, my just for the joy of it fiction: I just finished "The Darwin Variant," by Kenneth Johnson. The premise is that a comet is going to hit earth, and a group of governments decide the only solution is to hit it with nukes and break it apart. They're last-minute-successful, and the only damage is a smallish arc of fragments that hits in Georgia, USA. But that's just the beginning of a story told from about 20 points of view, varying from a dull Georgia backwo

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