Books I Always Re-Read

For this month's book column, since it is the new year issue, I'm going to do a "lists" episode.
Books I Always Re-read
Books I Promise to Read This Year
Best Books of 2005

Books I Always Re-Read:
Something by Jane Austen. It is difficult to say what my favorite is, probably Emma. Why? Wonderful writing, and because I really enjoy Jane Austen's persona; her blend of humor, skilled observation, and ladylike reserve that make her likely to have been a great friend to talk with.
At least one of the Utopian novels: to remind myself that freedom and self-expression are worth any pain involved in having them - and that the peace and security of a planned existence are ultimately stultifying and frightening.
At least one of my favorite romantic novels: Wuthering Heights, Outlander,
Something by (Lord Jim) to remind myself that some people really can write
One Nancy Drew book to remind me of my childhood ideas of what I'd be like when I was a "big girl."

Books I Promise to Read
A Shakespeare history play. I have read - even performed some of - the comedies and tragedies, but I've really never paid attention to the histories.


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